Knoll Tone™ Height-Adjustable Tables

Tone is a complete line of sleek height-adjustable tables that responds to the way we work today, delivering user adjustability and ergonomics.

Designed by Antenna Design, Tone is available in the full range of Knoll paint, laminate and veneer finishes with the choice of electric, handcrank, fixed, pin-set 90˚ and 120˚ adjustment and planning options. Strike a balance between collaborative, shared work and focused, heads down work by using Tone in any space – from primary workstations and private offices to Activity Spaces.


ADVANCED ERGONOMIC PERFORMANCE. Tone enables users to shift from seated to standing height throughout the day, enhancing wellness and preventing injuries. As part of the Knoll ergonomic toolkit, Tone easily accommodates ergonomic KnollExtra accessories, including monitor arms, keyboard supports and desktop lights, improving physical health while promoting collaboration.

FLEXIBLE PLANNING. With a neutral aesthetic, a slim foot and a range of finish options, Tone integrates seamlessly with Knoll open plan, private office and Activity Spaces furniture. Plan Tone with Knoll systems, Technology Wall or as a stand-alone desk and incorporate accessories including privacy screens, modesty panels, power and data modules and cable management to customize any spaces.