Tabanda Diago Barstool

Within a few years of its premiere, DIAGO chair has become Tabanda’s trademark product. With its origami-inspired form, DIAGO is both intriguing and memorable. At first, it appears raw, nearly industrial, yet it comes out as comfortable and weightless once one gives it a try. Its endurance and ergonomy are impressive. It constantly reinvents itself, always coming up with new colors and finishings and still, its potential feels unlimited.


This time Tabanda offers you something exceptional: DIAGO KITCHEN STOOL and DIAGO BARSTOOL. Adjusted for two different tabletop heights, these will perfectly suit you: either with your morning latte or the late night pale ale. The new, modified shape makes the seats look fierce and dynamic. as their tall, slender supports give DIAGO STOOLS the dignified aura you were all looking for.