Narbutas Free Standing

Multifunctional acoustic screens

FREE STANDING acoustic screen system offers unlimited possibilities to divide your office with visual and acoustic barriers. You can choose freestanding screens with support feet or mobile screens on casters. Thanks to their ease of mobility and simple assembly involving metal connections, these acoustic screens allow you to easily divide your office space into desired areas or to isolate noisy office equipment. These panels can also serve as workspace dividers. Our acoustic screens are available in a broad selection of sizes. The screens have a D class acoustic rating. They are filled with a special sound-absorbing foam and can be upholstered with the fabric of your choice.

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Wide range of colours allows you to choose colours or colour combinations that work best for your office. FREE STANDING acoustic screen system will protect your personnel from prying eyes, direct sunlight or distracting sounds, at the same time creating a quiet, colorful and cozy space for work or relaxation.