Tabanda furniture

Tabanda furniture is a great choice for modern and stylish spaces. Clear line, quality and exquisite materials used in the production – these are the characteristics of this manufacturer’s furniture. Inspired by nature, with a perfectly designed line and precisely manufactured details, they have won the hearts on many customers.

Tabanda furniture is a perfect choice for home and office interiors. A clear, universal line and a wide range of colours create furniture impossible to overlook. With their universal form they can be arranged into any interior, since in every one they will look fresh and exceptional.

Furniture for your office and home

The Tabanda furniture series offers comfortable office furniture that will make a very efficient equipment and a great addition to any space’s appeal. Thanks to that, a company will be far more representative and stylish, and hosting visitors and clients will improve its attractiveness. Tabanda furniture can be used as a complementary equipement, or as just a partly addition to one.

The furniture is perfectly designed and manufactured. Great precision, the best quality of used materials and an exceptional design meet the needs of very demanding clients. It may serve as well as a place for the employees’ relax, and as meeting room equipment for client and contractor meetings, less official than a traditional office.


The Tabanda brand has in its offer, among others, very stylish Diago chairs. A wonderful project, considerable comfort and durability – these are the characterirstic features of this manufacturer. Their durability allows everyday exploitation without the risk of damage, guaranteed by very high quality of used materials.

These chairs are adequately profiled and universal – the prove themselves great in both conference rooms and anterooms, as well as in spaces designed for client meetings – they will look exceptional and effective in each and every one of these spaces, and their comfort will be appreciated by all users. It is also a good choice for living and dining rooms.

A wide range of office furniture

At our showroom you will find complex equipment for office interiors. We have in our offer whole series of office furniture or individual positions of the highest quality. Our experts will be happy to advise you in choosing the most favourable option for your office, that will equip and effectively arrange the space.