Renz furniture

The company was founded in 1882. A characteristic of their products is the highest quality of craftsmanship. Classic forms are broken by modern lines, although remaining clear and comprehensible. They prove themselves wonderful in private offices and conference rooms, being a sophisticated trademark of every office.

Conference furniture

Conference rooms should by all means be arranged in a comfortable and aesthetic manner, but usually, our clients tend to choose furniture with a very official, office-like spirit. Simplicity and durability of a conference table, its serious appeal – these are the features most valued while choosing conference furniture.

There are some elements and nuances though, that allow us to distinguish the conference room’s equipment from others, often very similar. Office furniture may be exceptional, most commonly, in its quality, materials used and craftsmanship, which as an effect enhances the standard of furniture and of the room itself.

Personal offices

A personal office is, just like the reception and conference rooms, ‘a business card’ of the company.

Arranged with good taste, elegance and, most importantly, filled with flawlessly manufactured furniture is bound to enhance the dignity and authority, and will surely influence the company’s appeal, considering quality and trustworthiness.

We would be delighted to welcome you into Aqina’s showroom, where you would find not only interior equipment of the highest quality but also a chance to consult your projects and seek advice with our experts. Each and every one of the products we offer at very attractive, competitive prices.